A pixel art style portrait of Maple.

Artwork: Satany
Song: Mii Maker - Tomodachi Life

Site Info

Hi there! I'm Harvey, the webmaster of Alpawca. I coded this site with my own two paw-hooves starting in mostly [1] 2024.

I created this place to have a hub for myself on the internet that reflects me and my interests. This is my virtual home, and I hope those who stumble across it can find some enjoyment in it, too!

I aim to keep my website responsive across all devices, and as accessible as possible. If you have any difficulties viewing the site, let me know, and I'll do my best to fix them!

Alpawca is currently hosted on Neocities, and edited within Visual Studio Code. You can view my site profile here, which also serves as a feed for updates.

[1] I started playing around with building sites in 2019, however, I didn't start learning HTML/CSS seriously and creating the current iteration of this site until 2024.

Why Alpawca?

An Alpacasso sticker. The alpaca shown has pastel pink, blue, and yellow stripes down its body.

The site name "Alpawca" was inspired by Alpacasso plushies! For many years, I've loved the cute designs of these plushies, and have found myself inspired by them both in art and my web design choices. Despite relating more to animals like sheep myself, I thought a cute, fleecy animal like an alpaca would be perfect to represent my site!


Want to contact me? Email me at alpawcamail@gmail.com!


A stamp of four alpaca plushies. It says Alpacasso in the corner. A stamp of a blue ram plushie with horns. A stamp of Bijou and Hamtaro. A stamp of Kittal-la from Kawaii Pet Megu.
A stamp of Flareon from Pokémon. A stamp of Snivy from Pokémon. An animated stamp that rotates between multiple Pokémon. It says I love cute Pokémon. An animated stamp of four pixel alpacas. It says alpacas.
A stamp of the Nintendo 3DS logo. A stamp of the WarioWare Inc. logo. It says WarioWare fan. A stamp of the Webkinz World logo. An animated stamp of Kirby with the Animal copy ability. He is seen scritching the ear on his costume.